About the Food Exchange

The Food Exchange, a real-time food donation management system, was developed in 2013 thanks to the 2nd cohort of the Entrepreneurship School of Beauce and to generous financial donors.

The Exchange represents a change in strategy for Food Banks of Quebec: instead of putting our energy into finding food when the shelves of food aid organizations are empty – generally before the holidays – the member food banks of BAQ are organizing to access food staples all year long. This new vision positions the BAQ members as proactive, rather than reactive in their partnership with the food industry.

The idea is to build sustainable ties with the food industry that will develop into regular partnerships rather than relying on occasional and emergency assistance.

The Food Exchange allows real-time contact between representatives of the food industry and food banks throughout Quebec. Contrary to the retail industry, the more food BAQ members have, the more it costs them to distribute it. For this reason, BAQ is aiming to integrate transportation companies into the Exchange in its second stage of development, in order to work more efficiently to transport food donations.

The 2nd cohort of the Entrepreneurship School of Beauce, dedicated to the training and developing of entrepreneurs, took this project on in partnership with Food Banks of Quebec and the collaboration of the company Vortex Solution. 

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